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Normal To Have Shadows In Diamons?


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Think of a diamond as a set of small mirrors oriented in different directions - as you move them, some will either get out of the light beam or no longer direct it towards your eyes: they will become dark. The presence of alternate shadow and light patterns is what makes a diamond rather more interesting than a bathroom mirror, after all... ;)

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Thanks for your reply, I found the spec's and was curious what you as an expert/professional thought of the quality and what it really means: This is my GIA Certificate:

Cushion Modified Brilliant


Measurements: 6.04 x 5.48 x 3.89 mm

Carat Weight: 1.02 carat Color Grade: G Clarity Grade: SI1



Depth: 71.0% Table: 59% Girdle: Slightly Thick to Very Thick, Faceted Culet: None



Polish: Very Good Symmetry: Good Fluorescence: None

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Not much that anyone can say without seeing the stone, unfortunately. Cushions are very very variable in their appearance - there's almost square and very rounded corners. Square or rectangular in aspect. Large and small facets. At least three main cutting styles. High Crowns and flat crowns. All of them can look fabulous (or not appeal at all, depending).


If you love it, it's by definition a good purchase!

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Choose the "More Reply Options" button, then a section entitled "Attach Files" becomes visible. Find your picture file through the "Choose File" button, then click on "Attach this File".


You can either leave things at this point, and any pictures appear at the end of the post. Otherwise, you can click in the post where you want the image to appear, and click on the "Add to Post" link next to each file name in the list.


Alternatively, you can use any image storing site (photobucket, picasa, imageshack, etc.), and post images directly in the post using [ img ] tags.


BTW - we would all love to see a picture of your diamond (and ring), but to have something to say about quality, you should have several good quality pictures in a large scale and in a variety of lighting conditions.

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The shadows in the photos seem to be the setting becoming visible through the diamond at a certain angle, which is normal and unavoidable.


Is the last photo of the diamond pretty similar to what the diamond looks like "in real life"? Or is it closer to the third one in the post above? Or neither?

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It's what is known as a "bow tie" - or rather a half bow-tie, and it is due to the way in which the diamond has been cut. It is relatively common in asymmetrical stones, and a pear is as asymmetric as they come.

Unfortunately it's not easy to fix it - it may be possible to re-cut the stone or to redesign the setting to minimise the effect (even inserting a small mirror under the dark area), but these things are not necessarily easy to do, can be quite expensive and the result is not always perfect.

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