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Jeweller Broke My Diamond While Placing In Their Setting!!


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My fiance and I have spent about 6months searching for the perfect stone We eventually found one that was GIA 1.55ct, I, VS2, princess cut. However after a bit of research we were told by several professionals the stone should be a VS1. So we purchased it.

We took it to a trusted "professional' chain jewelers to be set into a platinum setting. Yesterday, we received a phone call informing us they broke the diamond during the process.

Fortunately however they were fully covered under insurance and will replace the diamond to the same value or better value.


They told us they had the same diamond but slightly smaller- 1.45 ct but it was a VS1so overall a better more valuable diamond. When we put the two side by side the clarity of our original VS2 looks better than there VS1 and significantly bigger. Both an I color.

This diamond they are trying to replace us with is a IGA grade, is that grading system less than our GIA our original diamond was??? My concern is that even though our diamond was a VS2 it should have been a VS1 and now they will replace my diamond with something of less quality.


Any advise or recommendations anyone could offer us would be mostly appreciated, this is meant to be a joyous event however we now finding it all so upsetting and scared we are getting ripped off. Thanks!!

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I'm sorry to hear your trouble and kudos to the jeweler for stepping up to the plate and both admiting the mistake and agreeing to make good on it. This is a good sign. That said, insist that you're broken GIA be replaced wih a comparable (or better) GIA graded stone. Do not agree to a substitute lab. You paid for a GIA graded stone and you should walk away at the end of the day with a GIA graded stone. Pay careful attention to the other details like cutting and fluoresence as well as the weight/clarity/color that you mentioned. The issue is not 'value', it's grading details and they are offering some important differences even if the lab were right. 1.45-1.55 is a bigger deal than it sounds like.


What it 'should have been' is moot at this point. GIA called it a VS2 and both you and the seller accepted that. If you or they wanted to get it regraded in the hope of a VS1, the time to have done that was before you sent it in for setting.

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Well done to the jeweller for taking responsibility. However, they are trying to get away with two important differences:


1. The report. Unfortunately, grades are not the same, and you should insist that you get a GIA graded diamond.

2. The size. Although it may make little difference, a 1.50 or over will cost significantly more than something even minutely below 1.50.


On the second point, considering their goodwill in replacing the stone you may want to be a little more flexible. Don't give in on the first.

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