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Help Me Pick My James Allen Diamond?


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Helllo everybody, looking to buy an engagement ring and I think I narrowed a couple things down... I will be putting the stone in this setting: Platinum 2mm Comfort Fit Solitaire Diamond Ring


Out of the following four stones, which would you prefer? Anything stand out in the images?



0.9 carat, Excellent, SI2, I color, $4020



0.82 carat, Excellent, VS2, I color, $3640



0.8 carat, Excellent, VS1, I color, $3470



0.83 carat, Very Good, VS2, I color, $3400


I obviously like the .9 carat because it is bigger and the price difference is not more, but it is only an SI2. It looks like I can see the markings in the image. Will they be visible to the naked eye? I also like the .83 carat, and when I put it in the "HCA tool" someone recommended me, it said 1.4. Less than 2 is good right? Yet the cut is only "VG"...


I really need help choosing one... I would appreciate any opinions asap. Plans have changed and I am asking her next weekend at her parents house up north so I need to order the ring soon. Thank you so much for any help!!!!!!


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The HCA is not meant to help you choosing a diamond from a shortlist. It is only meant to help you create the shortlist in the first place. Ignore it.


You are asking the right questions, but these are best answered by someone who can see the stones and tell you how they compare. Call JA, and ask them to help you - based on the information available there isn't much to choose on. FWIW - of the 4, I'd be most interested in the 0.90, if your budget stretches to $4000 (however the report of the 0.82 is not available online, so I'm discarding it by default at this point).

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