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Wondering About My Asscher Cut Diamond


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Hi everyone, I just joined. I found this site right after I purchased my first non-side stone diamond. I enjoyed reading everyone's posts and learned a lot, even if it was after the fact. Happily, I had a good experience. Thank you to all the knowledgeable people out there willing to share your wisdom. Even if I can't supply enough information to get your feedback, I am enjoying posting about my new sparkly friend.


I have a 1 carat Asscher diamond. It used to belong to the family that owns a local jewelry store, and it was part of the collection that they showed as loose stones. I don't have a GIA certificate, but I am told it's an H, VS2, with very good cut, excellent polish, excellent finish, and good symmetry. I could see the polish, cut and finish when I compared it to other Asscher stones in the store. This one really sparkled. I have read where you have to really see this cut in person because numbers don't always give the whole picture. In my case I believe it. My stone is 5.5 x 5.2 but has a depth of 4.4mm. It looks much deeper than I have read it should be. In fact, I wonder how it can have these measurements and still weigh a carat. Has anyone heard of a diamond this deep? I know a brilliant stone this deep would appear dead, but I think mine sparkles because of the cut and the depth allowed 5 layers of facets underneath the pavilion. Am I somewhat warm?


I tried taking a picture to upload, but my camera doesn't zoom well enough. I will post one if I can get a decent picture.


Anyway, thank you for reading. I enjoy reading and writing about this subject. :)

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A depth of 80-odd% is not unknown - clearly it has the result of making the stone look smaller than others of the same weight. However, while depth does not help face-up size it doesn't need to kill the stone's liveliness and sparkle, as you have seen. As long as you paid a reasonable price for it and you like it, enjoy!

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