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Confused Newbi And Need Advice On Diamond Earrings


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I like to buy a pair of diamond earrings and saw this on Steve Padis website in San Francisco 888 Brennan Street. The price and the stones look good to me as I am not an expert in the area. Can someone please give me advice and tell me if this is a legit offer. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Diamond Studs 3.05 cttw, F, SI3 for $9000 before tax.


EGL Certified

14KT White Gold Diamond Studs


Individual Diamond Information:


Weight - 1.52 ct.

Color - F

Clarity - SI 3

Cut - Round Brilliant

Certification - EGL #91952606


Weight - 1.53 ct.

Color - F

Clarity - SI 3

Cut - Round Brilliant

Certification - EGL #91952602

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There's a number of red flags here - primarily related to EGL reports. If the jeweller is reasonably local to you, then go and see (and compare to other available earrings/diamonds) if you like them. If you cannot see them because of logistics, I would be quite wary of this type of diamond from an unknown seller (and these guys are unknown to me).

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Here's the problem: EGL SI3 generally means GIA-I1 to GIA I2. EGL F can mean anything from GIA-G to GIA-I or even GIA-J.


1.50 is an important weight point for people and consequently 1.5x stones are routinely cut for maximum weight at the expense of optical performance. The selection of a report that doesn't include a cut grade is a bad sign for this.


This means that your description EGL/S3/F/1.52-1.53 covers a LOT of ground. You know remarkably little about what you're getting.

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You can check prices for comparable diamonds using the Diamond Finder at the top of the page. Be cautious that comparing appropriately involves details such as the grading lab and the appropriate weight bracket (say 1.50 - 1.65 in your case), bearing in mind that a 1.4x stone will look barely smaller but will trade for 30% less...


If you can provide a link to a photo and specs I may be able to give you a rough range for the setting's price.

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That's a little on the small size for what is most popular but I actually sort of like small tables with high crowns if the pavilion angles support it. It's a taste thing. The most popular is 58-60 at the moment.


By the way, it's good to get into the habit of finding this sort of information on the lab report directly, not from the sales staff. It's not that they're wrong but this is their source as well and so you gain nothing by filtering it through them. If they know you're going to actually read the report they seem to take you a bit more seriously.

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I bought my earrings! I purchased at Steve Padis with tax for about $9750 after shopping online, Derco and other small jewelers.



Round Brilliant 1.52 ct.

Color I

SI 3

7.4 -7.38 X 4.53 mm

Polish Very Good

Symmetry Very Good

Gurdle: Thin Faceted

Fluor: None

Table 58%

Depth 61.20%





Weight 1.55 CT

Roiund Brilliant

7.34 7.30X 4.57 mm

Depth 62.40%

Table: 59%

Crown 14.80%

Pavilion 43.40%

Girdle: Thin Faceted

culet: none

Finish polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Clarity Grade: SI3

Color: H

Fluro: Faint


What do you think? After all, I want to thank you for showing me the ABC of buying diamonds and I have already shared with my friends. Thanks again for all your help.

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The price is within the range of similar stones retailed online - the problem is that the range goes from about $6000 per stone to about $3000 per stone. Disregarding the settings for a moment, you may have a bargain, a rip-off or something fairly priced. We have no idea what it is without seeing the specific stones. The fact that you have seen them and are apparently happy with them is a good sign.


If you are going to get them appraised, make sure to tell the appraiser that you want a fair evaluation, not something to keep you happy and with a warm feeling. Read this for further comment on the http://www.diamondreview.com/forum/topic/7548-appraisal/page__p__33851

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I really like your recommendation to an appraiser and read other postings on appraisals. The conclusion I came to is sit back and be happy with the purchase. I will get my diamonds at some point but I am not going to get all hung up on it.


The jeweler Steve Padis is highly regarded and the biggest outfit in San Francisco. I also looked at more than 20 pairs from various stores and considered myself somewhat informed.


Thank you so much. I learned a lot and appreciate every advice. Have a wonderful day.

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