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Feedback Request: 3 Princess Cuts


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Hi all, I'm narrowing down my diamond search and was hoping for some final feedback on my choices. I'm going for a classic solitaire set princess, and I've mostly settled on using whiteflash.com. The prices are higher than others but I'd prefer to make a quick and quality purchase to the best of my ability, and I think the site accommodates that well.


I've been mostly relying on aset images to make my decision but I could use some feedback on if that's a wise approach, and what others think of the ones I've narrowed down.


Here are the candidates:


1- Very interesting aset here. Looks like it's going to have a lot of contrast and an interesting pattern, but I'm worried it may not be especially bright.




2- This looks like it could be a brighter choice than 1, but perhaps it'll be low on contrast?



3- A slightly smaller rock, but it's only about 4% shorter on each side than the others for ~$1.5k less. It seems like a good cut all around as well. I just see the Sarin doc, not an AGS report; should that be a concern?





Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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The reason why the 3rd one is cheaper is simple: it's below 1.00 carats, so although it's a VVS2 it goes for a lower premium than a lower clarity full carat. There is an AGS report - it's simply not been uploaded to the WF site yet (you can see it here: http://www.agslab.com/reportTypes/pldqr.php?StoneID=104055022011&Weight=0.947&D=1)


ASET is a good tool if you know what to expect from it (i.e. have seen enough stones "live" and their ASET images), but Whiteflash is quite consistent at choosing good looking stones for its ACA tier, so I'd be relatively relaxed - and the ASET and IS images look quite good. I'd be intrigued by the looks of the 1.004 F/VS2, however you are spending nearly $2000 more than with the 0.947 and to be perfectly honest I doubt you'd see any difference once they are set.

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