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12.18 Ct Oval Brilliant Diamond


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I would not buy a $2,800 diamond without a GIA or AGS report, never mind a $280,000 one. And I would not buy a fancy cut 10+ carat diamond from anyone that has not undergone some rather rigorous screening - which this vendor fails abysmally even before it gets down to rigorous:


1. No name, address, references

2. No feedback.

3. No images of the diamond

4. 10% restocking fee

5. Seems out of kilter with the rest of the merchandise offered by the seller

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Just a heads up to the admin, mods, and members


This same situation happened on another diamond forum today. A brand new poster (name:alecleu) asked about very expensive ($95,000 sapphire cab and 22 million dollar necklace) items from this virtually unknown company. The overall feeling I got was spam and this thread, to me, justifies my suspicions.


If I am wrong I apologize.

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Thanks for coming back, alec. But in what way is that "interesting"? It is neither the "normal" kind of diamond that 99% of people would be able to buy (or at least consider) at some point in their lives, nor is it as exceptional as the recently sold Sun Drop - at 110 carats of Fancy Vivid Yellow!


If you are in the market for this kind of goods, I would strongly recommend that you find someone to provide you with high quality professional advice - not free comments on a forum.

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