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Need Advice Re: Rb Price


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Can the experts here please advise what kind of price 16857 is for the below round diamond specs? Is this a great price, fair price, or average price? Do you think there is more room for negotiation in terms of pricing? If so, how much more? Thank you.



Cut Grade: AGS Ideal 0

Color Grade: AGS 2.5 (I)

Clarity Grade: AGS 5 (SI1)

Carat Weight 1.81

Fluorescence: Negligible

Light Performance: 0

Polish: Ideal

Symmetry: Ideal

Table: 56.6%

Crown Angle: 35.0

Crown Height: 15.3%

Girdle: Faceted, 1.5% to 4.0%

Pavilion Angle: 40.7

Pavilion Depth: 43.0%

Star Length: 52%

Lower Girdle Length: 77%

Total Depth: 61.5%

Culet: Pointed

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Thank you again. I had posted the images but then took them off when I realized someone could swope in on the stone. I've since reserved it, so here are the images.


I tried the price comparison but it's difficult since the range of prices is large for the same spec stone. What do you think about the price?




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The range of prices is large, but no matter how you cut it this stone ends up at the expensive end of the heap of comparable stones. Some of the premium is justifiable with the cut which is undoubtedly top class (whether it's the style of cut one prefers is a different question), and based on the images it seems to be eye-clean - however, ask the vendor for verification.


You can find "equivalent" stones for 8-10% less money, but in most cases vendors don't provide as much information as you have (e.g. ASET and IS images), and you are taking a bit of a punt on whether the stone is cut as nicely and the inclusions are as invisible as the report seems to imply. Here you can see it. In addition, this particular vendor may have attractive "service" policies like trade-in or cash-in that may be valuable to you. $1500 value? Only you can decide.

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