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General Comparison Question On Heart-Shaped Diamonds


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First of all, you guys are amazing, I keep learning about diamonds by reading every random post, now it comes to my very own interest which I hope I can get some general views from you jewel experts/lovers.


Question: How does heart-shaped diamonds compare to round diamonds in terms of below:

  1. Value$$
  2. Reflection
  3. Durability
  4. Aspects that I may not be aware of yet (big ? on this point)

Thank you, thank you!

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1. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Heart-shaped diamonds will cost less (say 25-50% less) than same-weight/colour/clarity rounds, and sometimes have a larger face-up size, but they don't look as brilliant or fiery and they are intrinsically less symmetrical, which some people don't like, and that makes them somewhat more difficult to use in jewellery.


2. I assume you mean sparkle, fire and contrast, yes? Generally less in hearts than in rounds, but it is hugely variable with the quality of cut, and you have far fewer indicators of that on hearts than on rounds (not least the relative rarity of comparison stones: there's about 1 heart every 50 rounds offered for sale).


3. Same as any other diamond.


4. The big problem with fancy shapes (anything other than round - but heart is the ultimate fancy shape) is that you have no indication of the cut attractiveness and beauty other than by direct observation, and there are more variables that determine appearance (cleft depth and sharpness, roundedness of lower part, shape of the point) which in turn give personal taste a greater role in choosing a stone over another one.

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You're comparing apples to oranges; two different looks and a matter of personal preference.


Heart shapes vary in their shape definition, slope of the shoulders in relation to the center cleft, and the crown angle-height to pavilion depth. The variability in cut grade quality of heart shapes is tremendous with the majority of stones being of mediocre cut due to lack of consumer demand. If demand will increase so will the cut quality.


The best advice we can give you is to visit some high end jewelers in your area that may stock heart shapes and compare them to rounds.

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Mostly people buy heart shapes because they like the symbolism and because it suits the design they have in mind for the final piece. The overall shape and size are the big deciding factors and, for the most part, they aren't cut for optics. As mentioned above, they aren't really very popular at the moment. I've got a dealer friend with a 4 carat heart that could only be described as something of a dog in every category except size and he's been trying to sell it for years. It's cheap (for a 4 carater). Sooner or later someone will come along who will love it but it does take just the right buyer. I mention this because the customer who eventually buys it will undoubtably be assured that it's a bargain as part of the sales pitch and they'll be shown a price sheet and an appraisal to 'prove' it. Perhaps it is, but since no one has been interested enough to pony up the money dispite dozens of sales presentations, doesn't that suggest that a price adjustment might be in order?

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You're most welcome; let us know what you find.


Just a follow up on this, I bought a GIA / G / SI2 / 1.77ct / Heart shaped diamond at the end, for $8000.


Looks very big on my wife's hand, but to be honest, I found big diamonds are less shiny than smaller ones, maybe the specs of the big ones I have seen are not really good.

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Post pictures.


My apologies everyone for the 'long-delayed' photo, I got the ring on the next day after my wife gave birth to our 1st child, so I was overwhelmingly busy over that period, but luckily the ring has successfully made the suprise for the occasion: wife's 30yr birthday + new born baby.


Ok, these are the photos.


















GIA: 1.77carat / G / SI2 / 8.24 x 8.99 x 4.24 mm

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Mostly people buy heart shapes because they like the symbolism and because it suits the design they have in mind for the final piece.


Very well said, People Love Hearts Shape because that's the sign of LOVE. My Parents had a Heart in Diamond ring, it was so beautiful and so attractive.  By the way, Storm_chasor your photos is Sweet to my eyes.

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