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Thoughts On Stone And 5 Yr Old Gia Cert?


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Hello all,


Been watching the site for a few weeks. Great education.


I have identified a 1.5ct radiant stone with a locally recommended seller but would love some expert opinion on it. He claims that his prices are really good, but if I browse the various stone selling sites his price looks reasonable but not amazing.


My questions are simple.

1) How do the specs look to you veteran users?

2) Should I be worried that the cert is almost 5 years old?

3) Am I wrong to think that $10,200 is a reasonable but not amazing price for this stone?


Would love your thoughts on the value/specs of this stone:

Report Type: GIA Diamond Grading Report

Date of Issue: February 05, 2007

Laser Inscription Registry: 15723171



Measurements: 7.22 x 6.03 x 4.26 mm

Carat Weight: 1.52 carat

Color Grade: F

Clarity Grade: SI1



Depth: 70.6%

Table: 72%

Girdle: Extremely Thin to Slightly Thick

Culet: None



Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None


Thanks very much,


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Have you actually see this diamond?


Two red flags for me:


1. The extremely thin girdle. Where is it and is there any ancillary damage in that area that could affect the diamonds structure and is not indicated on the lab report.


2. 5 years old cert. Why? could be something, could be nothing. Your purchase should be contingent on getting the report updated by GIA

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All jewelers claim to have really good prices. Heck, all merchants of any kind make this claim. I wouldn't hold this against him. Reasonable but not amazing is a perfectly sound expectation. You can check comparable items yourself by looking in the 'diamond finder' utility at the top of the page.


Usually the reason for a 5 year old report is that it's been traded in or bought back from some previous owner. There's nothing particularly wrong with that but that does leave open the opportunity for damage since the lab saw it 5 years ago. A lot may have happened. Most jewelers in this situation will send the stone in for an update and I would be curious why they haven't done this. It costs $200 or so but at this price point it seems prudent. The issue may be that GIA is horrendously backlogged at the moment and they would miss the Christmas selling season if they sent it in. If you're not going to send it in, make sure to examine it carefully and have it inspected by YOUR chosen expert. Tiny damage to a 1.52 can be a HUGE deal. One reason a dealer would choose not to send it in is if they know there's a problem and they prefer to sell with old paper because of it.


Will this jeweler be the one setting it? The ex thin girdle may be a problem for the setter even if it's not damaged now and you may find them refusing to take liability on the setting job or even refusing entirely if you're planning on using someone else.


I second Barry's question: Have you seen this stone? What did you think of it?

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1) OK, but with a radiant (and an SI1) the proof of the pudding is in the seeing. There is not enough data on the GIA report to even guess whether it's a nice stone or a total dog.


2) Maybe not, but I wonder if the extremely thin portion of the girdle is still intact or chipped, and whether the report is 5 year old because it's been unsold for 5 years (probably not good) or because it's just been traded in (probably OK)... Make sure you have access to independent, expert advice if you don't trust the seller 100%


3) It's at the top of the range of similar stones being sold online - it may well be a top spec stone too. On the other hand, you can see it without spending anything on shipping, compare it to other diamonds that the seller has, have a face-to-face conversation with the jeweller about it, enjoy a cup of coffee offered by the same while doing so and if anything goes wrong you can storm back into the shop. All these things have a value; whether that's enough for you, is a question only you can answer.

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