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Advice On Pair Of Pears


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Hello all,


Currently considering this pair of pears as earrings for my mother's upcoming birthday.






Would appreciate any opinion on these two stones. What do you think of the inclusions? One stone seems to have several feathers around the girdle. What do you think of them as a pair. Are they well-matched? They seem to be well-cut, but I'm very much concerned about the structural durability of one of the stone becuase of its inclusions.


Would the experts please comment on this? Desperately need unbiased help from you.


Thank you very much.

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They seem to be a pretty well matched pair. Can you see the feather in the right-hand stone in the photo without a loupe? That would be my only concern (although it's really tough to assess cut from one slightly-out-of-focus image, so if you can, ask the vendor for more or even better go to see them in person).


SI1 graded inclusions are not going to be an issue in terms of durability.

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