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Does This Sound An Ok Diamond?


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Hi All,


I am looking to buy a ring from a reputable auction house here in the UK. Unfortuntly there is no way i can get down to see it before the auction, and its a ring i really like.



I have asked the Auction house for more details and this is what they have said:


A platinum diamond cluster ring. The square-cut diamond collet within a brilliant-cut diamond surround, with brilliant-cut diamond detail to the gallery and shoulders to the engraved band. Estimated total diamond weight 1.30cts. Weight 8.5gms.

The overall condition is good. There are scratches to the mount in keeping with general wear. The principal diamond is bright, estimated I-J colour, SI1-SI2 clarity

The diamond is approximately 70pts. A small dark inclusions can be seen under the table facet. However this is not easily seen with the unaided eye.


I know about colour and clarity. However what does the "diamond is bright" mean? also would the incusions be anything to worry about do you think? re the re-sale value. I am assuming the mount can be re-polsihed to remove the scratches? Any other advice would be much appreciated!




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No way of telling with any level of reliability without seeing the item. The auction house is there to sell - ask them what they mean by "bright" (I assume they mean it's reasonably cut and doesn't look like a piece of glass) and under what circumstances is the inclusion visible with the unaided eye ("difficult" is OK, but could they be more precise? looking from the top, the side?). Same about the repolishing; many scratches, particularly on platinum, can be eliminated; some cannot and/or the shank may be not in condition to withstand further polishing.


As to resale value - I'm not sure what you mean (you mention it only once, but in such a way that it seems the auction house has said something about it); in any case, whether the item has any resale margin rather depends on where it ends up at the auction, the level of buyer's premium/VAT and your market/ability as a salesperson. In general, I would not count on a jewellery item having any resale margin unless you are a professional in the sector.

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Reselling jewelry can be tricky in any case and I don't recommend using resale value as an important criteria in your shopping unless you really are a dealer. We don't have much to go on but here's one thing. SOMEONE ownes that piece and is trying to sell it. They've hired the auction house to assist them at it and their advice was to sell it as it is rather than do any repairs (or any more repairs). They're going to take a commission out of the highest price they can get and are putting a fair amount of work into just that. There's nothing wrong with that, that's what retailers do, but the key resale question revolves around whether YOU are better at selling jewelry than they are. It doesn't matter if they're an auction house, a pawn shop, a jewelry store or anything else. Some people are, most aren't, but it's not a gemological question. If you didn't already know that this was the question, chances are the answer is no.

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