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Any Feedback On This Vendor


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Since1910 is a large retail store in Long Island New York that's been around forever. They operate under a different name but it's the same people and the sameoperation. They're quite popular and they don't seem to get many complaints. I don't recall ever hearing of Precision Set. It that something being sold by them? I would expect them to be pretty on top of their delivery schedule.

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so far so good. I was alittle dismayed that when i asked about the Holloway cut advisor they didn't know about it nor about angles being important. I spoke to someone who was a "gemologist" or at least when I asked for one that is who i spoke to. I have told him up front that I am very concerned about the shallow crown angles on the stone but he says I have 30 days to hate it or love it!

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The HCA is attached to a particular website (not this one and who shall remain unnamed in deference to the Admins here) and it's a pretty narrow niche so a lot of people who don't spend a lot of time on the internet aren't familiar with it. I wouldn't hold that against them. I would rather expect the since1910 people to be at least familiar with the HCA since they are advertisers over on that other site. On the other hand, any gemologist worth the title should understand that angles are important to optics.

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