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Advice On Cushion Cut Diamond


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Hi all,


I am a diamond neophyte so I am hoping some of you experts will be able to give me some advice on the way to go. I am currently trying to choose between three cushion cut diamonds, all within my price and size range ($25-33k).


I would very much appreciate any thoughts or advise anyone might have. Here are the specs. If anyone would like any other info that I may have forgot or can provide, please let me know.

  1. Ring 1: 8.12x7.60x5.18mm; 2.53 carat; colour H; clarity VVS1; polish excellent; symmetry very good; fluorescence none; 66% table; 68.2% depth; slightly thick to very thick girdle.
  2. Ring 2: 8.00x7.70x5.29mm; 2.71; H; VS1; polish excellent; symmetry very good; fluorescence none; 61% table; 68.7% depth; medium to thick girdle.
  3. Ring 3: 7.85x7.69x5.96mm; 2.60; H; VS2; polish excellent; symmetry very good; fluorescence faint; 61% table; 64.5% depth; thick to extremely thick girdle.

Thanks everyone!

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One key question: who is calling the diamonds H and VVS1/VS1/VS2?


One key observation: even if the diamonds are correctly graded as to colour and clarity, there is no way for anyone to tell you which one you would like best or even which one the trade would consider to be "better". See this thread for the reason why http://www.diamondreview.com/forum/topic/7576-circa-2-carat-diamond-advice-for-very-enthusiastic-newbie-who-is-getting-engaged/

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