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Need Help On A Cushion Cut Offered


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We have a wholeseller in our community that claims to cut out middle person, etc. They actually have a brick and mortar store and sell their own diamonds from a site in Russia, cut in Isreal, on and on.


She has showed me the Rappaport suggested prices for the stone and I am just trying to figure out what the catch is if there is even one.


3.02 ct, Cushion Shape

Clarity VS1

Color G

graded and certified by E.G.L ( I understand this may be seen as less than GIA)


total depth 69.9

Table Width 62%

Crown Height 16%

Pavilion Depth 52%

Girdle - Thin, Faceted


Polish Very good

Symmetry very good

culet none, flourences none


Price quote 28K, should I jump on this or ask more questions.

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I am just trying to figure out what the catch is if there is even one.


and here it is ....


graded and certified by E.G.L


By the way, Rapaport is irrelevant. There are some fine reasons that people (including me) subscribe to his magazine and pay attention to his pricing suggestions but your situation doesn't apply. The question you're tryin to decide is what would it cost elsewhere to get similar goods and you'll be much better served by searching directly.


Start with the 'diamond finder' utility at the top of the page. It's free, fast, and anonymous. The tricky part is deciding what's comparable. You'll quickly notice that GIA graded stones with that description are a LOT more money. Not that I necessarily believe her, and it doesn't really matter, but she's flat out told you that she was the one who made this choice and you would be well served to figure out what the reason was. It's unlikely that it was done for your best interest. If he could have sold it faster and for twice the price with a different pedigree, don't you think he would have done just that? Yeah yeah, it's all about the love and she's passing the savings on to you because she's such a charitable gal. ll me a cynic but I think it's about the money. It's always about the money.

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