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Can Most Spot The Difference Between H & I Colored Diamonds??


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Hello I feel like I am talking to myself lol I am the only one posting alot this morning it seems.

I have been looking at diamonds for the last 6 weeks or more. Whenever I am shown H next to I diamonds I cannot tell the difference. Only once did I see the "warmth" that the I was supposed to have compared to the H. Is there a certain light where the obvious difference can be detected? Maybe jewelers spotlights throw it off but i do try to go near a window with natural daylight yet I still can't see difference and in fact I thought an H colored diamond had warmth when it did not!

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Spotlights are among the worst possible lighting to evaluate colour. Natural, indirect daylight ("morning light facing North" in the Northern hemisphere) is the best, followed by calibrated "daylight" diffused lighting. The difference between H and I is not huge, but it should be visible when you look at both diamonds through the side against a white background; trying to "remember" H while looking at I is a lot more difficult and bordering on impossible unless you train your eyes and brain properly.


Finally, remember that even though the colour grades are quite fine, there's H that is nearly G and H that is nearly I - so when you compare an H that is nearly G with an I that is nearly J, spotting the difference is a lot easier than looking at an H that is nearly I with an I that is nearly H...

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