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Should I See A Speck In An Si1?


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I recently purchased a GIA certified SI1 diamond from a reputable online retailer. We just noticed a pepper like speck in it that's pretty noticeable when you know where to look for it. I thought that with an SI1 you wouldn't be able to see inclusions. Should I try to take it back or just accept the fact that all diamonds at this rating will have similar inclusions?


Thanks for a great website and all your advice!

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Unfortunately, as Davide pointed out, not all SI1 diamonds are eye clean from every angle and viewing distance.

With that being said, 'eye-clean' is defined in a lot of different ways, by a lot of different people. I would take some time to think about exactly what eye-clean means to you. Some people only care about face up views, some people want clean side views as well, and some people want it eye clean from every angle with 10/10 vision and with their eyes pressed up against the stone.


But regardless of the definition, it seems that this stone is not eye-clean to you, and that is the most important thing. If you aren't happy with the stone, then I would return it and work with your vendor to find another diamond. And when you speak to your vendor, spend some time with them so that they understand exactly the level of 'eye-clean' that you are looking for. This will better enable them to find a diamond that will meet your standards. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your final selection! I'm sure it will be lovely.




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There is eye clean and then there is 'mind-clean'.


Eye-clean is defined as face up and viewing distance of 8-10 inches from your eye. If you can clearly see the inclusion(s), then regardless of the lab clarity grade, you need to decide if the stone is for you.


'Mind clean'; the diamond may indeed face up clear and clean but if seeing the inclusion(s) from an angle bothers you or if just knowing that the diamond contains an inclusion does bother you; you need to make a decision.

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