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Square Modified Brilliant

Measurements: 4.79 x 4.69 x 3.14 mm

Carat Weight: 0.59 carat Color: Origin: Natural Grade: Fancy Yellow Distribution: Even Clarity Grade: I1


Depth: 66.8% Table: 87% Girdle: Thin to Extremely Thick Culet: None


Polish: Good Symmetry: Good Fluorescence: Medium Blue

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@davidelevi Thanks for the price estimate on the other thread. I was hoping for a couple more people to give their opinion. As for the pics, that's as good a resolution as I can take them.


@denverappraiser I plan to sell it to a jewelry store, but I want to have an idea of what it costs before I go to them.

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I think Davide's estimates of retail prices are a reasonable range ($500-1200) although they may go up from that if they sell it as part of a designer type piece. Most stores that I know of would not be buying this sort of goods for inventory and I suspect it will be a difficult item to sell to them but I would expect bids from $200 - $500 if they're interested at all. Perhaps a bit more if you can do a consignment deal with them and they have a customer on the hook before they have to lay out the money. The details of why it got an I-1 clarity are going to be important. The bright side is that bids are usually free so it's just a matter of asking the jeweler you have in mind what THEY are willing to pay.

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