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I Need Your Advise For 1 Diamond , Please .


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GIA , 1.59 ct , E COLOR , VVS1


Dimension : 7.47 * 7.50 * 4.62


polish , Symmetry , Cut : Excellent


Culet , Flourescence : None


Table : 56%


Table Height : 61.7%


Crown Height : 15.5%


Crown angle : 34.5


Pavilion : 40.8


Pavilion Depth : 43


Gridle : Medium 3.5%


price : 37,000 USD .


and also , is it has ideal cut ? is it has nice fire and brilliance ?




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The problem with the HCA, the AGA classes (which are fairly useless anyway) and someone looking at a report is that none of those has seen the diamond. GIA have seen it, and GIA feel that there is no reason to downgrade it from the "excellent" category based on visual impressions or other more subtle factors.


At this point, the question is whether you trust the seller.


As to my opinion on the stone is that you are paying a huge premium for things that you will not see, but I (and others) told you this already. My opinion is also that at these specification and price levels (which are at the top of the market), if you trust the seller to deliver the goods there are no hidden ifs or buts (is the stone well cut? is it eye-clean? will I see the yellow? etc.). If you don't trust the seller, don't buy from them. Simple.

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honestly , i trust to seller 100% , but , i am looking to smoe comments , advise regarding cut, fire , ........ which are important in diamond .


by considering mentioned table , crown , pavilion ,..... . is there possibility to say more about this diamond technically ???????

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No. As I said above, the cut grade already "contains" significantly more information than what is available in the rest of the report, and the information on the report is insufficient to say more.


If you were to get more in the form of good quality photos/video, ASET/IdealScope images, Sarin data, ISee2/GemEx scans etc., then a more meaningful converastion is possible, particularly if you do this in a comparative setting against other stones.

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