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Finally Found What I Want To Purchase


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I have been looking desperately for the perfect ring for my girlfriend for Christmas. I recently came across this:




The ring has three round diamonds, totaling 1.00 CTW. The color is H and the clarity is VS2. It is graded by GIA.


Any information about the company and comments about the diamond would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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I don't know the company, so I cannot comment other than on what I see on their site: there is nothing that stands out one way or the other from a hundred other online jewellery sites. The return policy is reasonable, and the fact that they are ready to use GIA-graded stones is a good sign.


The prices are unexceptional. A GIA 0.33 H/VS2 can cost as little as $450, which times 3 is $1350. A 3-stone plain setting in 14k white gold is $700 or so - put the lot together, and you end up way below their "sale" price of $2752.


As to comments specifically about the diamond: there is no way of knowing what you'd be getting. A top quality cut H-VS2 is quite a bit more than a good or fair one. They specify "minimum" colour and "average" clarity, but it's not clear what they mean. Average over "your" ring or over all the rings of that type? Does a VVS1 average with an I1 to make VS2? Or is is VS1-SI1? Finally, there's all sorts of details around things like polish, symmetry, fluorescence that can make one stone look better (or at least different) than another.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I have been looking for quite sometime and finally found what I was looking for. Can you recommend one of the retailers that participate on this board where I may get a similar ring? I have contacted one and I'm waiting for a reply. I'm quite new to purchasing diamonds and although I have an idea of what I should be looking for, I'm still not very certain. Ideally I want to work with a retailer who I can explain what I want and know that they will take into account all factors and present me with an ideal piece, without me having to worry about getting ripped off.


Thank you again for all your help.

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