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Diamond Testers


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me.


I am looking to purchase a diamond tester and was wondering which ones are best. Ideally I would like to purchase a diamond / mossainite tester in one, around 150$ at maximum if this isn't enough money then just a diamond tester.


I appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

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I would go for the quality tools, espeically if this is a gift for someone who is actually going to use it. If budget is the issue, drop out the moissanite test and get a presidium thermal tester. Moissanite isn't that hard to spot with a loupe anyway (actually cz's aren't that hard either but it's nice to have confirmation). Ceres makes good tools as well. You'll be at about $100 and get something that he/she can rely on.

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Thanks again for your help!


I have been searching and have come across these: Presidium Diamond Mate A, Ceres CZeckpoint Diamond Tester, Ceres Reliance Diamond Tester-AAA Battery Operated and Ceres Reliance AC Diamond Tester with Built In Adaptor 110V, was wondering which you would recommend sorry to be a pain :P


Also I discovered this one Gemvue multitester with case, was wondering if you had any idea if that one is any good as it does do both and is in budget!


Thanks a lot for your help and time I do appreciate it, I have no real idea with this just know someone who will be very happy to receive one! You mentioned it is easy to distinguish between a diamond and moissanite, may I ask how?

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Moissanite is birefringent: each ray of light entering the stone is "split in two". This is easily observable as a doubling of the facet lines when looking through the stone in any direction except the optic axis (one particular direction - and normally moissanite is cut so as to minimize the visibility of this effect through the table, so just tilt the stone or look through the sides!).


This effect is not present in a diamond (or a CZ), and once you see it it's pretty easy to spot it again, unless the stone is very small or set in a very enclosed setting.

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