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Advice On Ring


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I found another ring that I'm considering purchasing for my girlfriend for Christmas. Was wondering what other's thought of the ring. The stones are less than the quality I was looking for but I'm having a difficult time finding something similar. It's priced at $2250.


Metal Karat:

14 KT


Metal Color:



Metal Weight Gms (Appx.):

4.25 Gms.


Total Carat Weight:



Side Number of Diamonds (Appx.):



Side Diamond Shape:



Side Diamond Carat Weight (Appx.):

1.00 ct


Side Diamond Color (Avg.):

H - I


Side Diamond Clarity (Avg.):

SI2 - SI3


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The problem is that you are relying on the vendor for anything to do with the quality of the diamonds (and of the metalwork - which is not an insignificant part of the cost in something like this). You can bet your bottom dollar that the diamonds are at best I-SI3 (or I-I1, since there are no SI3 diamonds that GIA would call SI2), and most likely a lot lower in colour. However, you have no way of telling until you actually see the ring - the image you posted is a CAD rendering...

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