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Torn Between 2 Stones


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hello all


I need unbiased opinions :ph34r:


I've got a setting selected I and am torn between two stones.


stone A

EGL USA Cert (Oct 31, 2011)

Round Brilliant Cut


G color

Good Cut

1.01 Carat


Minor Inclusions with Scope



stone B

EGL International Cert (sometime in 2001) 10+ years

Round Brilliant Cut


E color

Very Good Cut

1.03 Carat


Visible Inclusion/ feather at edge, but can be concealed with prong. However, feather bleeds into table when at microscope view.





Both are nice diamonds. :)


Stone B is larger (.02), has visually more pop due to very good cut, and a slightly better color, but is EGL International. Jeweler and my Mom recommend / like this one.


Stone A is slightly smaller, lesser cut, but is a recent EGL USA and doesn't have a visible inclusion like Stone B. Jeweler assures stone B feather will not be visible to eye when set in ring under prong.


Personally Im kind of leaning more towards stone A because I wouldnt feel right "hiding" anything under a prong, and it's a fairly recent EGL USA cert. I feel like i wouldnt be honest to my wife hiding something - plus i hear bad things about EGL International


side by side - Stone B visually does have more of a "pop" and brilliance - but by themselves, each are gorgeous. it's just that feather - i dunno


What are your thoughts? :unsure:


...also, why is stone B still in circulation after 10+ years from certification? if it was good, shouldn't it be on a lucky ladies finger already? :blink:


thank you in advance

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People do notice a diamonds "pop" or lack thereof. You say that the inclusion in stone-B is not eye visible and can be covered by a prong. Stone B.

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It's perfectly possible that someone (or more than one) bought the stone 10 years ago, and it's been traded in for whatever reason. Why didn't the jeweller get it regraded? Normally because they fear the new grading would come up with something that isn't in their favour (e.g. cut, where standards have tightened considerably since 2001).


When you say that the "feather bleeds into the table" - is it reaching the table surface?


The fact that both stones are graded by EGL is not good news, BTW. It means you are basically on your own as to what colour and clarity they are - more so with a 10 year old report (colour won't change with time, but clarity may). On the other hand, you have seen them, presumably you have seen other diamonds, and you came down with a short list of these 2. Or is it the dealer's "short list"? If so, take your time and explore more. You can very likely do better.

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I agree with your decision, stone A dose seem to be a better choice,

Although the weight doesn't really matter in this case, what matters is the MM size, How spready the stone is.

It is hard to say remotely, especially on EGL's.

Take a look at the stone without a microscope or a loop and see which of the stones faces up nicest (Better Brilliance, eye clean and has a good color)

Good Luck

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