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Advice Needed On 0.46Ct. Round Brilliant


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Online purchase and cost of diamond will be about USD1.1k.

Is this a good purchase?


Below are the GIA specs and pictures.



Round Brilliant

Measurements: 4.99 - 5.00 x 3.05 mm Carat Weight: 0.46 carat Color Grade: J Clarity Grade: VS2 Cut Grade: Excellent


Depth: 61.1% Table: 57% Crown Angle: 34.5° Crown Height: 14.5% Pavilion Angle: 40.8° Pavilion Depth: 43.0% Star Length: 50% Lower Half: 80% Girdle: Medium, Faceted (3.5%) Culet: None


Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Fluorescence: None

Clarity Characteristics:


Feather, Crystal, Cloud





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It is priced at the top of the online market. On the other hand, it's very nicely cut, and taking ASET, IS and H&A images takes time - the vendor needs to be compensated for his skill in selecting stones and documenting them. I don't think you can find a stone of this quality (and size/colour/clarity) retailing for less than $800, but you can find alternatives between $800 and 1100.


Are you getting this together with some package (e.g. trade-in/cash-in/warranty) that may increase its value to you considering your future plans?

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you are being robbed at that price. You should not pay more then $800 and that's still expensive.




Oh yeah? Please provide a link to an ad for a GIA/VS2/J/xxx of similar size for under $800. Heck, make that $900.


I agree that this isn't a rock bottom price but to call it being robbed is a serious stretch when the difference between the asking price and the cheapest out there is in the dozens of dollars. That's within the fluff of shipping policies and sales tax. I didn't actually dig around and that's not the easiest set of specs to find but couple that with a dealer who clearly is trying to document what they have in a first class way and the fact that it looks like a beautiful stone and I think it's entirely reasonable that it's not priced at the bottom end of the cheapest marketplace.

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You're a dealer, make a specific offer for a specific stone that you're willing to sell and that you think is comparable. The cheapest GIA/0.45+/J/VS2/xxx without fluro that I see in the database is one from Blue Nile at $898. That one makes no claims about 'hearts and arrows', especially good proportions or other special attributes that may or may not be important here but surely the one above DOES make that claim. Caesar didn't say if that's one of his specs but, given the stone chosen, it seems likely.


I notice that you're not a 'verified jeweler' from the admins and it may or may not be against the rules for you to post an offer in the forum but take a stab at it. You just might get a sale and your suggested $700 offer (15% below $828) would indeed be attractive if it's truly comparable goods and you're selling terms and conditions are reasonable. If you get deleted you can blame it on me. :wacko: While you're at it, talk to Hermann or LaurieH about how to join the club. It's free. If you've got a big inventory, you might even consider participating in the database (which isn't free but I'm pretty sure it's reasonable). Have you got a website where you sell diamonds to the public?

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