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Advice On Online Sellers And Princess Cut Diamonds.


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I am looking to buy a engagement ring. Firstly, Price is an issue for me. I am willing to spend up too $2000 AUS. I also know what i am looking for. Princess cut in a yellow gold ring preferably with small diamonds set into the ring either side. I have looked around at most of the local jewelers and while they are very helpful with the central diamond, but all their bands are not what i am looking for.


So I have been searching the internet for good deals.




Something like this is Well withing my price range (remembering i have at least a 10% tax getting it into aus) It is available in yellow gold, my girl likes it, it ticks all the boxes. But, The report is not from GIA and it is clarity enhanced. I understand the principle behind this but i would defiantly like other opinions.



The other thing that worries me is the vendor. Anyone have experience with these online stores. Which are trustworthy? good to work with? etc etc. I have many other vendors and settings.stones i could post but i will stick to going through things one at a time.


Thanks for any advice.

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The report is not from GIA (or AGS) = you don't know what you are getting. And with a princess cut you don't know what you are getting in terms of cut quality in any case.

CE = non permanent enhancement. Usually vendors guarantee the filling and will replace it free of charge, but the logistics can be a nightmare for international customers.


Put the two together, and I would give this particular deal the no vote.


I don't know this particular vendor, though the fact that they disclose the enhancement treatment quite prominently and provide at least one photo of the actual diamond you are purchasing are two significant points in their favour. What would concern me in your case is that any issues would require back and forth international shipments, and there is too much uncertainty on what you would be getting.

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The report is not from GIA (or AGS) = you don't know what you are getting. And with a princess cut you don't know what you are getting in terms of cut quality in any case.

When you say you dont know what you are getting. is non GIA that bad? EGL may mare a slightly worse stone the same but will they be that far out?

As for not knowing the cut quality for a princess, Is there any way around this/ sugestions of things i should look out for instead.


I see your point about the clarity enhancement and the logistics of sending things back. I want to get this right first go, no returning things etc etc. Say I chose a non clarity enhanced diamond from this vendor instead? Would you think it was better then?


I am currently inquiring them about getting a GIA report. Thank you for your advice.

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I would stay away from CE diamonds.


Stick with GIA, AGS, and even with EGL-USA if personally vetted and reviewed by the vendor and is accompanied by Idealscope and ASET photos.


"Numbers" in fancy diamond shapes, e.g.; Princess, Oval, etc are non-predictive in terms of how they will display and face up due to their irregular architecture and resultant light entry and exit. At the very least you need a photo and preferably some indication of light performance such as an ASET photo.

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Non GIA (AGS, possibly HRD) is simply uncertain. EGL - to take one - can be 6 grades out on colour and 3 on clarity. Or it can be 1 off on colour. That takes the value of the report down to zero: you don't know if case 1 or case 2 applies, and are relying on the vendor's word that he/she is describing the diamond correctly.


Non-clarity enhanced and GIA or AGS graded is a lot better. However, note the relatively short time period for you to return the item. Other vendors offer up to 60 days...


Getting a GIA report on a clarity enhanced (fracture filled) stone is not possible, because GIA considers the treatment non-permanent. Other types of enhancement (HPHT, laser drilling) can be graded by GIA but very rarely are. Beware that grading by GIA and grading by "a GIA graduate" are two very different things.


Cut: no easy way for you to evaluate it independently other than limiting your search to AGS-graded stones. Otherwise, the vendor needs to provide you with much more information (e.g. ASET images, Sarin scan data, ...) and you need to learn to interpret it. Another good option is to choose your vendor first, and pick someone that can help you get the extra info and can assist in its interpretation.

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