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Wtb. Wanted Round Brillant Diamond Over 1.5 Carats


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im looking for a diamond thats between 1.5 carats and 2.1 carats it must be round brillant diamond (not interested in any other shapes)

an e colour or better

a clarity of si1 or better

and must have a gia report (not interested in any other grading cert)

if you have something that i might be interested in contact me

thanks kris

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Hi Kris I have a 2.31 D Color VS1 which is GIA Certified and has a Triple Ex with No Flour, the diamond is a masterpiece ! Let me know if this interests you. I can sell it for over 10% below any online retailer and save you thousands !


I also have a 1.54 E Color VS1 which is also GIA Certified with Triple Ex and no Flour and this is also a masterpiece, let me know which you have more interest in .....

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Hi Ellen, the ad is over 2 years old, and we haven't seen bmwdriver on the forum for quite a long time (nor is he receiving notifications for responses). You may be better off sending him a PM, but I would not hold your breath. BTW, the cheapest 2.2x GIA D/VS1 Excellent cut will sell for about $45,000...

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