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Buying An Old European Cut Diamond


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Hello, I'm seriously thinking about purchasing an Old European Cut Diamond. I think they show a lot of fire and I'm wanting to have a "new" filigree mounting designed for it. I'm looking to purchase a 1.00 ct. that is I in color and VS2 in clarity. I am concerned about the open culet. Does it look "funny" without one? Will there be an ugly dark spot in the center? The diamond is said to be as clear as a "drop of water", and in MINT condition with no fluorescence, no chips, no treatment and a great shape girdle . I can purchase it and I have 14 days to return it. I've been told the older stones look great in low lighting, but what about everyday and office lighting? I saw a ring with an 1.33 ct OEC diamond recently. It was an (L) in color and an SI-2. It was mounted in a victorian custom "new" mounting, and it was stunning. It was set in prongs. I'm planning to set mine in a half or full bezel. I also realize that because these stones are deep, that a 1.00 ct could look like a .85, but that's ok. I just want something that has some warmth and fire. What are your feelings on these old stones?

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Personally I like them.


My only real comment is on the clarity grade of 'clear as a drop of water'. Like diamonds, there's some water out there that I wouldn't call particularly clear. I suppose their job is to romance the thing but I wouldn't put a lot of stake in this particular claim. :unsure:

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I like them too! While they may look darker than a modern "ideal" cut, they more than make up for it in fieriness and individuality.


Culet: on a 1 carat stone, even a "large" culet will be fairly small. Here is a 1920s piece that was set using old stones - all of them with an open culet - and with the 4 largest stones being somewhere around 1.30-1.50 carats each. You can spot a few culets in this photo on a black background:




...but when you get it in sunlight, you cannot see any culets whatsoever:



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I really appreciate your enthusiastic replies! I think I have decided to go with this "older" diamond style. I have been doing other research and checking out a lot of them online, and I like them better each time I see one. I especially liked the comparison videos from Good Old Gold. I have seen Leo stones and Hearts on Fire, and each time I see the comparison between the OEC and the HOF, I picked the Old European Cut every time. I just think they have a different brilliance to them, not to mention the history. Thank You!

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