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Need Help With Confusing Information About Diamond Engagement Rings


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Thank you for your time. I am looking for some advice regarding engagement rings. I have started to look for the perfect ring at local jewelers and online, and am getting confused by the contracting information I received. Having read multiple posts on this forum at the beginning of my search to educate myself, I think this is the right place to ask for an independent opinion.


First the rock: while online jewelers and customer experience reports seem to recommend high clarity diamonds, all local jewelers I have met so far showed me rocks in the SI2-SI1 range and recommended them for their "value-for-the-money". One jeweler even told me that he does not offer more than SI1 money to clients selling rocks of higher clarity, because higher clarity is not looked for by customers. I like the idea of buying a better quality rock but what this jeweler told me worries me: in the case my fiancee and I would want to sell or upgrade the diamond on the ring, should we except to loose money on our investment, even if we purchase a higher clarity diamond? Is it a bad idea a buy a VS2 or higher clarity diamond?


Second the metal: white gold versus platinum. I have read some pretty horrific stories on white gold rings turning yellow at the speed of light (like 3 rhodium coating in 6 months). So platinum had my favor because it is physically white... that is until one jeweler told me that platinum rings are more fragile and require as much maintenance as white gold rings. I am not sure what to think about that?


Any advice will greatly appreciated

Thank you

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Buy what you like. It’s correct that VS stones cost more than SI stones and, for the most part you can’t see it without magnifications. I would NOT take that to mean that people who buy VS (or VVS or IF) goods are therefore being foolish. They’re paying extra and they’re getting a ‘better’ diamond. That’s their choice. It’s not for everyone, and it may not be for you, but it’s absolutely false to say it’s not for anyone.



How much your jeweler pays sellers is completely irrelevant although it’s possibly a reason not to sell to him. There ARE obviously people who pay extra for higher grades. Resale prices are usually a disaster rather like they are with everything else you buy and you should not go into this deal expecting to EVER see your money again no matter what you end up choosiing.

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Clarity: don't forget that one of the advantages of jewellers owning stock is that they can see and evaluate whether the stone is sufficiently clear (eye clean) for it to be commercially attractive. Doing this - as many online retailers do - simply from a list of "diamonds available for sale" is a lot harder. Does this make a bullet-proof case for SI or lower diamonds? No. Look and decide for yourself if a particular stone makes you want to spend the money.


Metal: erm, complete bullshit. Fragility has a very precise meaning speaking of metal, and if there is one thing that platinum is not is fragile. Gold is, or at least some gold alloys - particularly white gold ones - are: quite hard and likely to chip or snap. Platinum will scratch more easily (generally speaking - each alloy is different) and develop a patina that is - for me - part of its beauty. For others, it is something to be polished off. Even so, it will take years to develop, and the wear on repolishing platinum is generally quite low.


The durability of plating on white gold depends on many factors, not least the quality of the plating to begin with, the underlying alloy and the wearer's skin chemistry. There are white gold alloys that do not require plating, though they tend to be expensive and somewhat more difficult to work.

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This jeweler is pushing his inventory on you.


If you want VS, buy VS.


Whereas it is true, that often it is impossible to distinguish between a VS to SI clarity face up at the normal viewing distance of 8-12 inches, there is such thing as a "mind-clean" diamond, and therefore if you're more comfortable buying a VS clarity diamond, go for it.


Insofar as metals are concerned, Platinum is tops. Some manufacturers use Palladium as the alloy in their gold rings which mitigates the necessity for rhodium plating.


Not all rings are created equal; metal content and craftsmanship do vary from company to company.

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