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Questions On Specific Diamonds - And Dealer Concerns


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Having lurked on this site for quite some time, I feel that I have learned quite a lot and also discovered how little I know.


I am confident I want a princess cut, as close to square as possible (maximize the sparkle), I require GIA, and I prefer to find a local dealer because I will rely on them to judge the quality of the cut.


So first, feel free to correct the above assumptions.


I thought, through searching on this site as well as others that I had found a likely dealer. I called, gave my expected parameters, and received the following email in response:

(I have redacted my information as well as the dealer links for now, though some more experienced may recognize them anyway - and I am okay with that)



I was given some information on the qualities you’re looking for in a diamond. Based on what I have, we’re looking for a Princess cut 1.40-1.80ct, F-G in color, SI2-I1 in clarity within a 10k budget. One of the diamonds in our inventory you should take a look at is a 1.70ct, G in color, VS1 in clarity, EGL certified for $8,773.00 wire. I chose this diamond because of its size and clarity. It is a VS1 so it should be clean to the naked unaided eye. It has depth and table percentages that fall within the “ideal proportions” of a princess cut diamond. It is an excellent value in the market currently.


Also take a look at our 1.51ct, G in color, VS2 in clarity, EGL certified for $6,762.00 wire. I chose this diamond because it was a lovely diamond well within the budget were looking at. It is in the “near colorless” category so it should face up white. It has a wonderful symmetry ratio at 1.01 to 1 so you know it will be a nice square looking princess. It’s a very beautiful diamond at a price you can’t argue with.


Let me know what you think about these two diamonds. Likes or dislikes, if any. We have a huge inventory and as long as you’re providing feedback I’m glad to go back to the drawing board as many times as we need to. Also, I didn’t get any information on a setting. Are you just looking to purchase a loose stone? If it is going to be set, what type of metal and what style are you interested in? We have a huge inventory of setting as well I’m more than glad to help with. Thanks again RobertR and I hope to hear back from you soon.


Now, for the sake of fairness he may have missed my GIA requirement. But what does this information tell me about the dealer, especially given my long phone conversation with them describing my specific wishes for a diamond? I am not jumping to conclusions, but should I be?


To attempt to concisely describe my target for a diamond:

Princess Cut

GIA Cert

1.4-1.8 carat

Best Cut Possible (willing to give on size for better quality)

F-G color

VS2-SI2 (have yet to have any issue with GIA SI1s I have been shown)


The spec's on the two diamonds above - taken from the website of the jeweler:


First diamond:

EGL Report:EGL3102043215

Carat Weight:1.70carat







Girdle:SL TK





Price:$8,773 / $9,036


Second Diamond:

EGL Report:2221441319

Carat Weight:1.51carat




Cut:Select Ideal™



Girdle:SL TK





Price:$6,762 / $6,965


Thank you in advance, and for reading this long post.

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