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Opinions Please On A 0.53Ct Round Brilliant E Vvs1


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Looking for opinions please on a GIA certified diamond with the following details where my main worry (I think) is the Lower Half proportion. Haven’t had the opportunity to view the rock yet so understand that I'm at a disadvantage but will hopefully later in the week. Thank you in anticipation!


Shape: Round Brilliant

Measurements: 5.22-5.24 x 3.19mm

Carat Weight: 0.53 carat

Colour Grade: E

Clarity Grade: VVS1

Cut Grade: Excellent


Clarity Characteristics: Pinpoint

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: None


Table: 57%

Depth: 60.9%

Crown Angle: 34.5

Crown Height 15.0%

Pavillion Angle: 40.8

Pavillion Depth: 43%

Star Length: 50%

Lower Half: 75%

Culet: None

Girdle: Thin-Medium 3.0%

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Thank you Barry - I hope so too.


Could someone please elaborate or point me in the right direction (other than Google) to learn more about the effect of the Lower Half percentage? From my observation many cuts tend to have a Star Length of 50% with a Lower Half of 80% and therefore I've become curious about the 'Lower Half' figure.

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Don't get caught up in these numbers; she's wearing the diamond, not the lab report.


Facet angle, facet size, and facet alignment affect and modify the diamonds refracted brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation. All work together in harmony. Isolating and determining the efect of manipulating the % of the lower halves may have some affect on dispersion and the best way to see for yourself is to compare a 75% LH to a 80% LH with all other numbers held constant.


See if you can tell them apart.

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Thought I would provide some feedback and add that for it's modest carat weight the diamond presented slightly bigger than expected and is beautiful. Clear with sparkle and some fire. Slight loss of light return around the edges and not sure who decides whether there are technically 'hearts and arrows' but from what I saw everything looked 'symmetrical'. Couldn't see the pinpoint inclusion under 10x magnification (guess that was to be expected). Have learnt a lot from this forum, looking forward to seeing the rock in it's setting and a special thanks to Barry, who was the only one who joined my quest. ;)

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