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Where To Purchase Diamonds Online?


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You'll notice that this is a vendor sponsored site. The people who have diamonds listed in the database pay for the privilege of being there and this is how Hermann (the admin) makes his money. In the forum we have no obligation at all to these folks but they are the ones who keep this place afloat and that alone makes them worth a stab. Look up any stone and it'll come with a link to the vendors site. From there you can look at their terms and conditions, educational content and, of course, prices on other things.



You’ll also notice that several of the gurus who are active in the forum actually work for Internet diamond dealers. All of the pros have a message at the foot of each post identifying where they work. They are not all sponsors of the database and, actually, there’s not all that much overlap between the participation here and the participation there. If you find information from a particular person helpful, consider looking at their site and seeing if they have what you are looking for. You know upfront that you’re on the same wavelength and, by a lot, that’s the place to start in shopping for a dealer. If you communicate well with them, the rest is easy.


Here's a few thoughts on what to look for in hunting for a jeweler, both online and on the street.



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