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$2500 A Good Price For 1.4 Ct Tw Diamond Studs With No Cert?


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Hi, I'm new like many here to the world of diamonds. My head is spinning but I've finally got it around the 4 C's. I'm purchasing some diamond studs for my wife for our anniversary and I found a pair for $2500 1.4 ct tw but it doesn't have a cert and it comes from a pawn shop. The pawn shop is very reputable, been around for 80 years. I was referred to it by a friend who had a good experience there and did some reference calls to make sure the owner was legit. The shop is know for it fair deals. The diamonds appear to be sparkle nicely with very little color if any noticeable. I looked at them closely with the jewelers loupe and on some pairs I saw inclusions but on this one I did not see any. I've been given a money back guarantee and lifetime trade up.


I'm a little concerned about it not having a cert but realize many probably don't. I would appreciate ya'lls thoughts and advice on this purchase. While I know many are spending far more than $2500, it sure is a lot of money to me.


Thanks in advance,


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The money back guarantee is the key. Read the details carefully. Assuming there's no problems in the fine print, buy them, take them to an appraiser that you trust to grade and evaluate them and, if you're unhappy at the end take them back.


FWIW, if you shop around you'll notice that 0.70cts is an important weight point in terms of how people price things. Approximately 0.70cts is importantly different from 0.70cts. Do you know if this 1.40cts total weight came from soeone actually weighing them or did they estimate it?

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The new settings should cost somewhere around $250-300. Two GIA reports below 1 carat each are $200. So, you have as a comparison $2500 of "new" GIA graded loose diamonds.


Is the pair you found a good deal? It depends on what the diamonds are. For example, approximate dealer competitive prices for:


0.6x M/SI2 Good Cut = $800-850 each

0.6x J/SI1 Very Good Cut = $1100-1200 each

0.7x I/VS2 Excellent Cut = $3300-3500 each


All three match your description. Little colour and no visible inclusions to the naked eye. Some SI2 inclusions in a 0.60/0.70 are actually not that easy to see for an untrained eye, even with a loupe. However, you may have a cracker of a bargain (unlikely), a fair deal, or a slight rip-off depending on the fine details. Short of getting the diamonds graded - which I think is overkill - your best course is to find a reliable independent appraiser and go from there.

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Ok, just got them and took them to an independent appraiser. He graded them at 1.42 ct tw, G-H/SI2 and an excellent cut. He said that he is a conservative grader. I'll have to wait till he sends me his final report next Thursday. He gave me a rough estimate of $7000 based on a lot of referencing to a book but said this is only a rough estimate and the report will have the final estimate. Interestingly, the pawn shop owner gave me an appraisal grading it as H/SI3 at $4800. I didn't catch the cut but will get it in the mail next week.


Thanks for the responses so far.

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