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What Should I Pay


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$1000 would be pretty good. Heck, $200 would be even better. :)


Start by looking in the 'diamond finder' utility at the top of the page to see if you can find a comparable stone offered by one of the dealers here. Even if you have no intention of ever doing business with them this is a good way to get a competitive benchmark from some highly competitive people. It's free and anonymous. Should you pay more than that? Maybe. It depends on the store and the additional value they are giving you. Most local stores cost a bit more than the online guys but they have convenient displays, inventory you can look at, helpful salespeople, access to designers, immediate delivery, financing, 'free' coffee and an assortment of other benefits. Whether or not you want these things and what you're willing to pay for them are up to you but they're NOT gemological properties. Can you get something like that for less? Again, maybe. Distressed sellers and private parties will often sell for less than what you're seeing here. They come with their own headaches in the form of no returns, difficult logistics, 'used' merchandise and no selection. Normally they have one and only one item for sale and you can take it or leave it. As with the above, whether it's worth the discount depends on YOU more than it does the diamond.

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I'll try to answer your second question - is it a decent diamond?


The answer is "it depends". For me, there are too many trade offs that you are attempting to pull off at once (colour, clarity, cut and size). I would go for a smaller diamond (barely smaller in visible size: about 0.3mm diameter) but get something that is much better cut. For about the same price (around $4000) as the one you posted above, you can get a cracking 0.85 H/SI1 or even H/VS2.

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