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Looking For Reputable Diamond Seller In La Diamond Quarter


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I'm going tomorrow to LA's diamond quarter & was wondering if anybody had some recommendations on reputable sellers there ?


Specifically I'm looking at purchasing a radiant or cushion cut, G-H color, cut grade must be a minimum of good or above, GIA certificate, 2 carat diamond to put in a halo setting.


I was also hoping to upgrade my current engagement diamond but it's not a deal breaker if the seller won't do that.


I have been reading quite a lot of this site particularly about cushion cuts so any advice on a seller which would have good stock would be most appreciated.



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Sorry I can't help with a recommendation in LA. Couple of notes on diamond districts in general:


They are not necessarily the best places to shop - extremely expensive rents at street level drive pretty aggressive sales behaviours and information overload (aka too much stuff to look at) is common. My recommendation is that - lacking recommendations for specific dealers - you go there without your credit cards and leave at least one night of sleep between you seeing things and buying them. Other than this, they can be fun places, so enjoy it!


One final point: GIA does NOT grade cushion or radiant cut diamonds for cut quality, and as far as I know neither does anyone else. Any cut grades that you will see attributed to a stone are the dealer's own judgement. Nothing wrong with that, but make sure you understand what criteria they use, and be doubly cautious in accepting them.

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Unfortunately not. One of the problems with (or beauties of) cushions is the extreme variability in cutting patterns and appearance. Read this thread for some discussion around this topic http://www.diamondre...etting-engaged/


To some extent, it really is in the eye of the beholder. The most effective hunting strategy is to select your dealer way before you start talking about stones.


Actually, now that I think about it: SingleStone is a pretty good (if expensive) jeweller in LA and San Marino, and this poster was very happy with Simone & Sons in Huntington Beach http://www.diamondreview.com/forum/topic/5922-new-diamond-advice/page__p__26860__fromsearch__1#entry26860 Don't know if either of them are remotely convenient, but worth investigating.

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thanks again David.


I saw 3 merchants today and one of which was recommended from FindMyJeweler's.com. He had chosen some beautiful cushion cut diamonds for me to look at.


It helped me make my decision about cushion over radiant, although really proving that all cushion cut diamonds can be so different. But I've narrowed down what in the cushion style I like (more square with very rounded corner and the chunky facet rather than crushed ice look)


I also found a design I love (halo with very small diamonds in the halo and band) I'm going back next week to work it out between 2 merchants as to who has the best stone for my budget.


thanks again for the advice



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