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Help With Emerald Cut - Need Suggestions


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Hi everyone,


OK so time has come and I'm ready to take the plunge and ask my lovely lady to marry me and I need some help in trying to select the best emerald cut I can afford.


I have a budget around $5,000 (can stretch a tiny bit more) for the diamond alone - I have extra funds for a setting so that's not really an issue (three stone emerald setting - much like the one on Tiffany's - and other website's, in Platinum).


Ideally - Something around 1.5 carats, close to 1.5 ratio. I have done plenty of research and looked on www.pricescope.com etc. I have a fairly good idea of what I should be looking for, but having never done this before, a little forum help would be greatly appreciated.


Being located in Australia, the prices I can find online out of the USA (even with Postage, Insurance & Import Taxes) - its still the best place for me to purchase a diamond.


If anyone could provide a few suggestions of "must haves" in an Emerald Cut and perhaps any links to what their ideal suggestions would be of actual diamonds from some retailers (online or recommended diamond sellers) so I can make sure that I'm looking in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the help and I look forward to the replies

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Frankly, I think you need to revise your budget significantly, or lower your expectations in terms of size, or accept that you (she) will not have a white-looking diamond. All of the above are fine, but the trade off is a necessary one


Unfortunately, in terms of "must haves" it is difficult to go beyond "clarity VS2 or above". There are no easy recipes (and no reliable, widespread cut grading systems) for emerald cut diamonds, so I would suggest that you reverse the order of your search:


1. Find a dealer that can get you good quality advice, photos, videos, scans of suitable stones.

2. Get a shortlist and select a stone you like.

3. Sort out the setting.

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You will not find a correctly graded SI1+, I+, 1.50+ diamond for $5000 form any dealer, anywehre in the world.


This leaves you with several options:

1) You can buy an incorrectly graded stone,

2) You can go below SI2, J and/or 1.50cts.

3) You can buy from a distressed private party who happens to have what you want.

4) You can raise your budget.


I would dismiss #1 as simply silly. I would count #3 as unlikely because if that was on the table you would already be there. This means compromise on something serious or raise your price. There's no real way for us to guide you on that. Personally, I would never by an emerald cut below VS2 or G color. If you lock the budget, that lands you more like a 1.2x.


Emerald cuts vary quite a bit in look depending on the geometry of the facets and the shape of the corners as well as the l:w ratio. I"m solidly with the above that the solution to this is to find a dealer who you can work with as an ally rather than as an opponent in this quest. Find the dealer first and the diamond second will work far better than trying to find a set of diamond specs and then a dealer who can fill them.

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Thank you guys I appreciate the frank responses which is what I wanted.


OK the next question would be - A suggested budget level needed to achieve my target of 1.5 carat emerald?


If 5thou is too low - what should I be looking at? If it means another month or two before I can buy well that will be the trade off I can look at as well.


I have sen't a couple of emails out to dealers that I can see are responding to quite a few posts and see if they can provide a little more advise as to what I should be looking for, costs etc


Thanks again

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The diamond finder utility here and over at pricescope are very useful for exactly that question. Enter a few parameters, do a search, modify something, and then search again. It's amazing how quickly you'll get a feel for where you stand. One warning. Ignore all stones other than GIA grading. Also ignore the most expensive and cheapest 10% or so and you'll find that pricing clusters together pretty tightly for a particular weight/clarity/color combination.

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Fancy shapes are difficult to decipher and "visualize" just based off the lab report info and numbers. Two diamonds with the same exact "numbers' can look diametrically different. Since you're shopping on the net, work with a Vendor that knows diamonds and can serve as your "eyes" to weed out the chaff and serve up the wheat with additional analyses and photos.

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Ok thanks again for the info, very much appreciated. I really just needed some direction in terms of what I should be looking for and what sort of process I should undertake.


I have seen some very good recommended dealers/ Jewelers that I will start to make contact with and hopefully can track down what I am looking for.

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Unfortunately there is no single standard for fancy cuts, and they can vary wildly in appearance and price. This is why it is important to find a vendor that you can trust to find your perfect stone. When you find a vendor that you click with, they'll be able to ask all the right questions to interpret the kind of stone you're looking for.

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