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Good Prices?


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Please let me know if these are good general prices for the listed GIA CERTIFIED cushion cut diamonds:


I am interested in #3 and #5 especially....


Thank you!



1. 2.06 G SI1 15,700


2. 2.01 I VS2 12,200


3. 1.80 I SI1 9,350


4. 1.71 G SI1 10,773


5. 1.70 F SI2 9,103


6. 1.70 G VS2 13,260


7. 1.72 I SI2 6,800


8. 2.01 I SI1 11,400

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There is frankly no way of telling. Let me pick one example to explain why:


1.70 GIA graded G VS2. This eliminates "will it look yellow" (it won't) and "will I see the inclusions" (you won't) type issues. There's 48 stones listed on the Diamond Finder with these characteristics (1.60-1.80 range). The prices go from $15000 to $10500. The 45% difference between the top and the bottom prices is little to do with margin, and a lot to do with cut.


Also, particularly on cushions, looks can vary a lot - for example see here: http://www.diamondreview.com/forum/topic/7576-circa-2-carat-diamond-advice-for-very-enthusiastic-newbie-who-is-getting-engaged/page__view__findpost__p__33760


Your stone(s) is (are) in the middle of that (or other) range - but this is all we can say. No idea if they look good or not, and most importantly whether you (or your fiancée) would like them.


If I may ask a question: you have picked an extremely wide range (1.7x - 2.0x G-I VS2-SI2); inputting these parameters in the Diamond Finder results in nearly 1000 stones. Why did you pick those 9?

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Well, you have some of the important information. Your selections so far show that you want a white stone, SI2 or better, and above the 1.70 carat mark. But you're leaving out what is arguably one of the most important of the Four C's, cut. Unfortunately, as many will tell you, there is no standard for cushions. They can have extreme variations with regards to cut. Do you want an elongated cushion, or a square one? Do you want 'crushed ice' or chunky faceting? This is why it is so important to start your diamond search by finding the perfect vendor. They'll be able to figure out exactly what you're looking for, and find you the right cushion, for the right price.

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