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Opinoins Please ...gia .55 Carat, Vs2 H Excellent


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Hi all,

Long time lurker :)


I would love an opinion on this GIA diamond (GIA 6137863387)



Original Cert here:



Round Brilliant

Measurements:5.33 - 5.35 x 3.20 mm

Carat Weight:0.55 carat

Color Grade: H

Clarity Grade:VS2

Cut Grade: Excellent


Depth: 59.9%


Crown Angle: 32.5°

Crown Height: 13.5%

Pavilion Angle:41.0°

Pavilion Depth:43.5%

Star length:55%

Lower Half: 80%

Girdle: Medium, Faceted



Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence:Medium Blue

Clarity Characteristics:Crystal, Feather



Comes in at $2078 USD (including VAT/TAX)


It scores really well on the HCA advisor, all "excellent"...0.8 (not sure if this is a reliable tool)

Has medium Flurescence, but I don't think that worries me



Thanks in advance

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