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Gia Diamond Grading Report Vs Dossier


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What's the size of the diamond? And, roughly, what do you think the diamond might come back as? If you're talking about something under a carat--esp a round--it's not uncommon to just go the dossier route and have the diamond laser inscribed with the cert number (or some other thing to use as an identifier), since you won't have the plot to act as the "fingerprint" for the diamond. Over a carat, fancy shape, high Clarity (or any or all of these), I'd go with a full cert grading report. Then you have the plot for ID, and if you want it--for peace of mind, to be fancy, or just for the sake of getting it done--you can have it inscribed, too.

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Your objective is important. Buyers, especially buyers of bigger and/or higher clarity stones, seem to like the 'full' report so if this is to be used as and advertisement so you can sell it, I usually recommend the Diamond Quality Report. If it's for your own recordkeeping or educational purposes so you can set the price, the dossier is usually sufficient.


Girdle inscription of the report number is mandatory for dossiers. Inscribing other things is optional and all inscriptions on the Diamond Quality Report are optional. If the goal is resale and you get a DQR, get the report number inscription too. Individual buyers in particular seem to like it. If you're selling to a dealer, they don't much care and occasionally actually dislike it (because they plan on regrading it somewhere else so they can sell with a different pedigree)

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...and if the diamond is likely to get an AGS Ideal cut grade, you may want to consider them too, though you will need to go through a jeweller/appraiser rather than sending the stone to the lab yourself.

...and if it's likely to get GIA-fair or worse, you may want to consider using EGLUSA. :o

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You are not going to like this (perhaps), but it's going to be very very variable depending on factors that are not on the report. For example, how visible and/or repairable are the chips on the corner (which are likely the main cause of the I1 clarity grade), how visible are the other inclusions, how well cut is the stone and how attractive is its colour.


Ballpark range for online retail prices $500-1200. The price you (I assume you are a consumer) can get out of it depends on who you are selling to and under what circumstances.

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