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Over My Head....resetting Diamonds


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My boyfriend and I just spoke to a local jeweler that quoted us $750 to remove and set 12 round and a marquise center stone in a "classic side stone" engagement ring setting in white gold. Currently the round stones are channel set and the marquise stone is traditionally set. They will give is approximately $70-$80 credit for the gold in the old ring (not subtracted from the price mentioned above). Neither of us are familiar enough with this type of thing, is this a fair price?

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So does that 750 include the new mounting? If so, and considering the labor and materials both in the mounting itself and to remove and reset the diamonds you have, I don't think it sounds unreasonable. AND, some jewelers won't deal with channel setting because it's more difficult/involved than, say, prong setting, so some of that is the expertise (and what I call the PITA factor) to do it right.

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Cannot answer the first part of your question without knowing more. As Laurie points out, does the $750 include the new ring, or is the money purely for the setting work? How complex is the new setting? What does "classic side stone" mean? ("classic side stone" for me means 3 stones: one centre and two sides, so with 12 you are definitely different).


One thing that sounds distinctly ungenerous is the offer on your old setting. Gold came down in price recently, but it's still around $50/gram of fine gold at scrap value (or $38 per gram of 18k, or $30 per gram of 14k). Channel settings are normally relatively hefty, so I imagine there are more than 2 or 3 grams in the old ring. If I were you, I would thank them, and ask to be given the old setting back, then sell it to a scrap dealer - the best ones will give you as much as 98% of the current market price of gold (from which the prices above).

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