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Express Diamonds


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Posting this in the "community" section probably doesn't help you getting much visibility. I have asked the moderators to move this thread to "the Rock".


To answer your questions: I haven't heard of Express Diamonds, but that doesn't mean a lot. Their prices seem to be comparable to competitive US pricing. This is somewhat difficult to figure out because their database application does not permit sorting (or at least it doesn't work on my computer).


The site has frankly nothing to commend it for: the diamond search is neither more nor less than what available in a dozen other "drop ship" sites and their "education" section is full of imprecise, incorrect and at times self-contradicting information. Their claim to be "wholesalers" is pure bullshit and should be treated as such. If they sell one diamond at a time to consumers, they are retailers.


On the EGL vs. GIA issue: the short answer is that although the report may well read the same (e.g. H/VS2), the diamonds will be different, some times VERY different (M/SI2 for the EGL graded diamond is not impossible).


For more details as to how or why this happens, these recent threads may be helpful:





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