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Better Price For Tacori?


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So my GF has been dropping a number of hints as to what style she likes, all are more or less the same. The top on her list is:




After checking prices online the setting goes for around 6k if you get it in platinum which of course is what she wants... /sigh ;)


It also seems like the prices are fixed across all resellers, so finding a better price online isn't really an option or am I wrong here? I have a hard time paying a premium for essentially a brand because if you look at the details of the ring, it should be priced under 3k. Can anyone recommend an alternative?


Thanks in advance!

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You may be able to negotiate a little - particularly if you purchase the centre diamond from the same dealer, which I'd recommend in any case, regardless of what you finally decide to do with the setting.


Another option is to shop around for a similar setting, or have one custom made - though this latter would be unlikely to save you much money unless you went for a rather radical simplification of the design.


I don't know where you got your reference for saying that the Tacori setting should "be priced under $3k" - it is actually a rather complex setting to make: the milgrained filigree work, the small diamonds set under the shoulders and the graduated round stones set in the shoulders are more than reasonably expensive to make.

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Tacori IS a brand name and you are going to be paying a premium if you want a genuine Tacori product althogh I agree with Davide that it's not the $3k that you're thinking. Knockoffs are easy to come by, most are less expensive and a few are as well made. Where you want to be on that continuum is a little difficult to decide as an outsider. Would she be disappointed to have a cheaper but less well made substitute?

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Well, if your girlfriend is really set on Tacori, anything similar is just not going to cut it. They make quality products and actually stand by their warranties. We carry Tacori and they have taken very good care of our customers in the past. We offer a package price if you get the center diamond from us as well as the ring. We can give you an idea on pricing if you can give us some of your thoughts on the center stone or you can email Jan at info@dbof.com. Here is the link to that ring with maybe some better photos. I also attached a link to a similar style to give you an idea, but the Tacori design has a lot more details that you just can't get from any other design.

The Tacori mounting has approximately .62cts. of VS F-G quality diamonds and the other design has approximately .35cts. of SI G-H quality diamonds and can be set with a round versus a radiant.





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Greetings Arron,

Kudos to you for doing the research on this. You are absolutely on the right track, and you are asking the right questions. If your girlfriend is set on Tacori, substitutes will not cut it. Also, it is illegal to copy Tacori's signature designs, so anyone willing to do this could face legal charges. Tacori is the best brand in bridal right now with good reason. All of their rings are handcrafted and made in the United States in the Tacori factory in California and the quality and attention to detail are unmatched.


Tacori rings also come with a promise of service and maintenance for life, which is not true of a non-designer ring. The price savings from this alone in the long term is worth the price difference you pay for Tacori. While there is no discount for the Tacori rings, as others mentioned above, you can save on the diamond center stone diamond itself.


We at Steve Padis Jewelry are a Tacori platinum account, which means we can get your custom Tacori ring for you faster than non-platinum accounts, and we are also a direct diamond importer with the largest diamond inventory in California and the best prices around. Please let me know if I can provide any other insight to you during this process. Best of luck!



(415) 626-8288


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