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How Much???


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It varies a lot depending on both the merchandise and the store. It might even depend on YOU. Instead of worrying about how much the store is making, I would recommend you worry about what you're getting and how much you'll need to pay to get it. What is it that you're looking for and what sorts of markets are you looking in for it?


List price is even less important. Lots of jewelers have a habit of pricing things in a way that allows them to sell at a 'discount'. They can price things however they want. Price tags are cheap but asking the moon isn't the same as getting it. Again, pay attention to what you get and what it costs, not what the 'regular' price is.

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Depending where you buy from, the fluff that a jewelry store used to get has been cut quite a bit by the internet. Those who do not compete and lower prices to prices similar to those online vendors are quickly weeded out. There is more mark up, percentage wise in the food you purchase from your local Publix or supermaket, than on diamonds more often than not. What is the ring you are looking at?

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