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Help!!! 0.83 G/if Ags Ideal


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hey everyone,




Im hoping someone can help me, i have been recently shopping for a engagement ring for my girlfriend. After reading up on this site along with PS i decided to go with jogia.


Im verry happy so far but like all buyers, while im waiting for everything to finalise im still looking and finding that i can get verry verry simillar stones at up to $500 less if they are certified by gia, but all i can find in gia is v/g ex combinations and no ex/ex.



So my question is, is this diamond(agsl cert # 10071108-- 0.83ct) worth $4100 aus.


or am i better of going for a gia v/g v/g and getting a slightly bigger diamond on lower clarity or a simillar diamond and save some money?




all opinions would be appreciated greatly,





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AUD4100 sounds about half the price a stone like that would go for. Are you sure you (we) got the details right? 0.83 G/IF AGS000


The difference between a GIA VG and an AGS000 may be visible to a careful observer (or to a less careful one if the "VG" is not among the best VG - it's an almost unbelievably large range), but whether this is worth the extra money is something only you can answer.

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