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Fair Cut That Looks Amazing, Don't Know What To Do .....


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I feel your pain. This is one of the reasons people use EGL. You'll take a hit for the EGL branding but it'll probably be a hit from a higher grade so it may not be so bad. Personally, I probably wouldn't cut it because of the hit for landing under 1.50. A 'bargain' 1.50/GIA is not without it's fan base.


1.54/VS2/H - 40%

1.3x/VS2/H - 25% - cutting fees

1.54/VS1/G - 50%


I think these are all going to land at about the same place and choice 1 is already in hand with no additional risks. I would seriously consider just taking your lumps and moving on to the next deal muttering mean things about GIA on your way to the bank. If you could get to 'good' and be CERTAIN that you'll stay over 1.50 I might do it but you don't have a lot of room to work with. 1.49 would not be good news, as I'm sure you know and every time a cutter touches the wheel there's a risk that it won't come out the way you expected/hoped.


Have you played with the facetware to figure out exactly what is needed to go from fair to good?

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Personally I would suggest you suck it up, sell it as is, and move on. It depends on how well you do with EGL's. You get a 27% 'bump' for the increase in color/clarity (assuming you get it) but you're likely to take a 25% hit for the EGL branding. That's not much progress in my book, you damage your own reputation by selling off graded stones, you tie up the money for a few MORE weeks, you incure a few fees for the lab, shipping and insurance and you don't actually KNOW that it'll come back with a better grade. That's quite a bit for a few hundred dollars in potential uptick.


That's just me. I tend to look at it like this: You made a bad buy but you still have the opportunity to duck out gracefully and quickly and get your money back. Take it. Bad buys can look a LOT worse, cost you a LOT more and take a lOT longer. :blink: You can't make a home run on all of them. This one's a sacrifice bunt.

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