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Clarity Enhancement???


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There are numerous types of Clarity Enhancements. There is fracture filling (potentially temporary), laser drilling (permanent, and the only treatment considered an inclusion because it is perm. but leaves a hole/tunnel through to the spot in the diamond where an inclusion was bleached), HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) treatment, which can enhance the Color and/or Clarity of the diamond (fairly stable, IIRC), among others. Those are the ones that you'll likely hear of most commonly. There are diamonds out there on the market with any or all of these treatments, and all should be disclosed (and priced occordingly) to the buyer and also to the jeweler setting a stone like this or any handling a piece of jewelry with a treated stone, so that proper precautions can be taken. And sure, Clarity Enhancements could give you that...but is there a particular reason that you are looking to stray from a 100% natural, the-only-treatment-was-cutting-and-polishing diamond?

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