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Buying In London, South Africa Or Online?

Pilgrim Tim

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My wife has recently lost the diamond from her engagement ring so I’m on the look out for a replacement loose stone.



I live in London but work will be taking me to South Africa (more specifically Cape Town) quite a bit in the next few months. So my question is, where am I likely to get the best deal on a diamond:



1. In London (e.g., Hatton Garden)



2. In Cape Town; or



3. Online?



Does anyone have any specific tips on buying diamonds in Cape Town (i.e. recommended jewellers).



I also fly through Johannesburg airport quite a bit. Anyone got any experience of buying from the duty free stores inside the airport?



Many thanks in anticipation.

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Some "South Africa"-related recent threads:





Frankly, I'd say that if you are privileging price and availability of choices, online (i.e. largely US-based vendors) is the clear winner. If you favour convenience/local service, go for London. I see very little reason to shop in South Africa for loose stones.


I am not familiar with the Jo'burg duty free; based on my observations at Amsterdam, Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle and Eurostar, "duty free" shops for diamonds are among the worst possible choices: limited choice, high prices and poor average quality.

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