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How To Locate A Diamond


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Hello everyone! I am in love with a diamond that I saw online that is a little too expensive for me - I have the GIA number and was wondering how I could locate this diamond and speak to the diamond owner directly so that I don't have to go through another party. Does anyone know how I could go about locating this diamond?


Thanks so much!


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Unfortunately, very little chance of it. GIA numbers will only tell you about the certificate issued--not the ownership. That, and brokers are generally not willing or able to sell directly to a consumer. Generally, you're going to have to deal with going through the channels. However, if you can find the diamond you're interested in listed online with various sellers (often, e-tailers have at least some suppliers in common and so you might find the same stone listed on several sites) at slightly different prices, you can kinda play that angle. Just know that the companies know the game, too, and *could* call in the stone and basically take it off the market so that if you want it, you have to get it from them. But if they really think they're going to make a sale, they might haggle with you just a bit. Never hurts to ask, anyway. Good luck.

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The owners of the stones listed in the big virtual databases are are hiring the retailers PRECICELY because they aren't interested in talking directly with consumers and in dealing with all of the difficult that direct sales bring to the table. If they wanted to do the work, they would have set up a retail website and charged the money for it (which some of them do by the way. It's not that hard). The bright side is that often they will work through many competitive dealers who can get the same stones and you can use them to compete against one another on the very same item. These people normally work on pretty thin margins but it never hurts to ask and go with the one who will put together the deal for the lowest cost possible.

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