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Gia Hpht


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Hi to all,


i have read the forum

i cannot read all forum :)

I have see in the "DIAMOND FINDER" some diamonds .....

and i see only natural diamonds.

but i prefer the HPHT round diamonds with Gia report.

I have read one post ..... at Denver it's possible buy it at 25% rapaport ....


Thank you for your time.




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dear maximo.

from what i know rapaport pricelist concerns only polished natural un treated diamonds..hpht is a kind of treatment where a diamond is under high temperature and presure conditions..That process makes the diamond to change color and become blue pink yellow and in most rare cases even white.Now the issue with those diamonds is that sa far they cant be traded under rapaport pricelist they are traded under the rule of offer and demand.if you have a good supplier in india you can purchase them for 300-400 usd /carat.while in the us its a little bit more expencive...

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Righto Romfea,


There's plenty of vendors of HPHT diamonds out there. I don't think they advertise here but most of the dealers who DO advertise here can probably get them for you if they want. Whether or not they want to trade in these is up to them but you can just ring them up and ask. You're also right that Rap refers to untreated natural diamonds in colors below M, and even then there are some serious complications if you want to use it as a shopping tool. http://www.suncrestdiamonds.com is an example of a dealer who seems to specialize in these things. There are others. (special note: I've never bought from these people and as far as I know, I've never seen one from one of my customers either. That's not a mark against but, but I'm not endorsing them either).

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Thank you very much for your quickly reply,


It's correct !

What is the question ?

My question is : where i can buy diamonds HPHT ( white ) at low cost ?

When i'd like to buy one natural diamond , i can buy this at -20% or - 30% to RAPAPORT .

I'd like Gia , because for me the best in the world.

I know Gia,IGI Antwerp,HRD,IGI Italy and EGL and i think Gia the best.

Thank you at Neil Beaty and ROMFEA for you reply.

...... but the indian way is good idea ?

Because http://www.suncrestdiamonds.com is a shop ..... with BIG BIG price

i have see only the first stone :

one carat prince cut yellow at 12.500 $ oO




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Try Googling HPHT diamonds. I get 56,000 results. I don't know any that sell as a function of Rap and most of the ones that I see are fancy colors these days because it's a competitive advantage for them since the naturals have gone so high but big whites seem to be out there as well.


Again, you might talk to your favorite diamond dealer and ask them waht they can get in terms of a 'special order' for you. Most of these people are pretty well connected.


I don't understand your question about the 'indian way'.

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There seems to be a misconception - rather spread out in the trade - that GIA will not grade "non natural" or in any way treated diamonds.


http://www.gia.edu/lab-reports-services/diamonds/diamond-reports/index.html - expand the sections on the reports description to see that GIA will also grade irradiated diamonds, synthetics whether CVD or HPHT and laser-drilled stones - in all cases disclosing the treatment rather prominently (synthetics reports are printed on a yellow background). If the treatment is deemed to be permanent, they will grade the diamond.


Here's a little something I would not mind owning, even if it is HPHT treated: http://www.gia.edu/research-resources/gems-gemology/issues/spring2011-contents/spring-2011-featured-lab-note.html

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