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Gordon Max Diamonds


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Hi Guys,


I have been shopping around and have compared some stones. I saw one particular brand called Gordon Max and they sell all kinds of cut. They claim that they have a life time warranty on their stones. I personally feel that they look amazingly real. My friend bought 2 ct. round brilliant each from them for an earring for almost 2 years and they still look brilliant. Hope to hear from you guys on this. Thanks!


P.S. Im attaching a stone from them, which I took from their website.


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When you say "they look amazingly real", does this mean that they're simulants and not real diamonds?

They aren't diamonds. It's yet another brand of expensive CZ's that doesn't want to admit what they're selling. They have VERY deceptive advertising, and I would recommend against shopping there for that reason alone.

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Interesting - a Google search brings up their site with keywords


gordonMax - Diamond Simulant, Simulated Diamond, Simulated ...

www.gordonmax.com/ - CachedgordonMaxâ„¢ - The Finest Diamond Simulant - A Smart Girl's Best Friend. Man-made Diamond, Diamond Simulants, Simulated Diamond, Laboratory Grown ...


however IN the site itself the word "simulated" disappears, to be replaced by


SMART an acronym for Scientifically-Made, Artifically Refined, Technological Diamonds are the highest quality formed Man-made Diamonds from Europe. Grown using an innovative and proprietary science, the result is equivalent to D-Colour and Flawless grade natural diamonds.


and suddenly the simulant becomes a synthetic diamonds.


No sirree - stay away from deceptive people.

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Well, glad to hear that you're happy with your purchase. I would, however, advise that you let your intended know that she does not have a real diamond in that ring so that if she ever takes it into a jeweler to be cleaned or looked at for whatever reason, she's not shocked or freaked out that someone switched a stone on her or anything.

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