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Custom Ring Problem


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I had a ring custom made based on a photo, and the result isn't close to the model photo i provided. I'm OK with some minor differences or improvements, if they are really an improvement. I'm not too thrilled and am going to ask for changes.


Does the model photo have any apparent structural problems that need to be improved on? Are 3 prong settings on the side that much less secure than 4 prong that its' worth the difference? Is there any general advice in working with the jeweler to get this taken care of?


Thanks all, very much.




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Uhm. The bottom model has 3 significant differences:


1. Different shank profile (half round rather than square)

2. Open work on the shoulders instead of full shoulders (also causing a higher profile and more "open" setting of the stones

3. 3-prong "Martini" style setting of the side stones instead of 4-prong.


The ring in the top photos is more solid, the metalwork seems better (judging from the photos - I don't like the irregularity on the shoulders and the general thinness of the bottom photo) and it is less likely to snag into things. However, it definitely is NOT the same style. Whether you call it "improved" depends on what you were looking for. Is a Doc Martens boot an "improvement" on a Louboutin heel?

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It looks like they did a good enough job but it's just not the right ring. Tiny details are what this business is all about and as Davide points out, if you gave them that picture as the purchase order for a custom piece, they didn't follow the directions. All of the differences I see are design elements and there's nothing 'better' or worse about either one. It's about what you like. That's much of the point of going the custom route in the first place. YOU get to decide this sort of thing.

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